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[Isra' wal Mi'raj] The Gift of the Tashahudd

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"Glory be to Allah, Who made His servant travel by night from the Sacred Mosque to the Farthest Mosque, whose neighbourhood We have blessed - in order that We might show him some of Our signs. He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing." -Surah Al-Isra', Verse 1

Our first and most beloved lesson! AlHamdulilah. This guided lesson hopes to help your children learn about the majesty and importance of this most blessed night. Through stories, they will learn about the gifts that were received and the numerous extraordinary things and creations that were seen by our Prophet ﷺ. Our lesson will focus on the Tashahudd and how we too are in Divine company every time we pray.


Section 1: Al-Isra' wal Mi'raj

  • "Did you know..."- Interesting Facts About Al-Isra' & Al-Mi'raj
  • The Journey & Ascent Timeline
  • "The Gift of the Tashahudd" Story
  • Travel a Little Further with Ibn Jubayr

Sections 2: Learning Opportunities

  1. The Dhakir - The Tashahudd
  2. The Avid Reader - Booklist
  3. The Poetry Aesthete - The Burda (Chapter 7)
  4. The Storyteller - A Play Script by Elizabeth Bootman
  5. The Skillful Writer - The Tashahudd
  6. The Junior Chef - Gold Luster, Starry Night Cookies
  7. The Aspiring Artist - Watercolor Painting
  8. The Artisan Crafter - Handwork and Textures & Patterns


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