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[Ramadan Bonus] A Date Variety Primer

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Assalamu 'Alaikum Friends,

Have you ever wondered how many different varieties of dates exist and where they're grown? Well, meet Medjool! He's happy to tell you all about his family.

"We come in many different sizes, colours, and flavours depending on where we are grown or what we are used for. You could say that we come in three main cultivar groups: soft (like me, and my cousins 'Barhi' and 'Halawi'), semi-dry (like my aunt and uncle 'Deglet Nour' and 'Sayir'), and dry (like my grandpa 'Thoory'). We are usually oval-cylindrical in shape and when we're ripe, we range from bright yellow to bright red to brown in colour. We contain a single stone and the type of fruit we become depends on our glucose, fructose, and sucrose content."

You'll receive a 21-page packet all about dates!


The Sultan of Iftar

  • Did you know...
  • The Multipurpose Date Palm
  • Date Palm Anatomy
  • A Brief History of Dates
  • A Newcomer: Californian Dates
  • It's worth Saving the Date

Learning Opportunities

  1. The Storyteller
  2. The Junior Chef
  3. The Wordsmith
  4. Date Variety Chart


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You will get a PDF (27MB) file

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