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Earthquakes: A Movement Not Taken for Granted

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"When the earth will be trembled with its quake, and the earth will bring forth its burdens, and man will say, “What has happened to it?” Qur'an 99: 1-3

Natural disasters can bring up some big emotions, especially when they affect the ummah, we are one – one message, one Prophet ﷺ, One Majestic Lord.

This is a 21-page lesson hoping to anchor our children, to help them know that everything is by Allah's ﷻ Will, and within these natural disasters, is a lesson for our very selves. It is a movement not taken for granted, to remember our state with the One who brings forth His Majesty.


Section 1: Earthquakes

  • What are Earthquakes?
  • A Scientific View Rooted within an Islamic Worldview
  • Drawing the Circle Closed: A Framework for Discussions

Section 2: Learning opportunities

Learning opportunities offer your child concrete activities in a subject area to further develop their understanding. It may even gently nudge them outside their comfort zone to explore new and engaging talents and activities. These opportunities include:

  1. The Dhakir nurtures the awe and wonder of Allah ﷻ.
  2. The Skillful Writer aids in developing writing skills in a natural process.
  3. The Poetry Aesthete enriches and enlivens the heart and mind.

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