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The Secrets of Hajj (Ages 9-12+)

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"So where then are you going?" Surah At-Takwir (The Final Enwrapping, verse 26)

This guided lesson hopes to help our children dig a little deeper to uncover the hidden secrets behind the rituals and procedures of the Hajj. Reminding us that it is a sacred journey and not a wandering. It is a journey with a clear destination. A journey that resembles the journey of the afterlife and a journey of remembering and returning to Allah ﷻ.

By taking the journey along with these two incredible guides: Imam Junayd al-Baghdadi and Imam Al-Ghazali it is hoped that our children come to understand the purpose of the Hajj. InshaAllah, allowing them to fold what they have learned into their hearts, letting it change the way they think, and leading them to act in obedience to what the Prophet ﷺ has conveyed and what is most pleasing to Allah ﷻ.



  • Lesson Inspiration & Overview
  • Khidmah Teaching Tip: Towards an Islamic Pedagogy
  • Sample Lesson
  • Plan Profiles in History: Iman Junayd & Imam Al-Ghazali


  1. The Storyteller - A True Hajj, by Imam Junayd Al-Baghdadi.
  2. The Dhakir - The Secrets of Hajj from Imam al -Ghazali.
  3. A Visit to Madinah
  4. The Poetry Aesthete: A Poem by Waraqah ibn Nawfal
  5. The Avid Reader's Basket - Hajj-themed Booklist.
  6. The Skillful Writer - Copywork, Dictation, Narrations & Summaries.

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