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[Ramadan] A Journal of Muhasabah

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"Remember me and I shall remember you" -Qur'an 2:152

Ramadan is a month of muhasabah - a month of intentions, self-reflection, taking account and gaining closeness to Allah ﷻ. This journal hopes to help our children gain closeness to Allah ﷻ through His Asma ul Hunsa - His Beautiful 99 Names. This Ramadan and throughout the upcoming months, let's travel to the One by taking account of ourselves and improving our character through His Attributes. Ameen Ya Rabb al Alameen.

So, while we are in the shade of Ramadan, let's preserve its light and what we have gained by making our intentions before the month comes and ends. We intend to be among those whose entire year is Ramadan. We intend that our relationship with Allah ﷻ is expressed in our actions throughout the day and the night. Ameen Ya Rabb al Alameen.


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