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His Noble Birth ﷺ

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"I bear witness that none deserves worship except Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah." -The Shahada

This is a 75-page lesson guide! It hopes to help our children become familiar with the noble and miraculous birth of our Prophet ﷺ. They will be introduced to the incredible story of his birth, his praises and his maqam from sources in history, art, and breathtaking works of dhikr and poetry.

We hope they take away the importance of knowing the Prophetic biography, become familiar with his ﷺ blessed description, know that he ﷺ is the seal for all that came before or will ever come and sending salawat on him is an integral part of our iman. May Allah ﷻ deepen our connection with Him ﷻ and increase us in love for the Prophet ﷺ. Ameen Ya Rabb al Alameen.


Section 1: His ﷺ Noble Birth

  • The Importance of Knowing the Prophetic Biography
  • Did you Know?
  • Tribes of Arabia
  • Empires Surrounding the Quraysh
  • His ﷺ Noble Birth - a Seerah Story
  • His ﷺ Noble Lineage - a Poster
  • In Praise of the Prophet ﷺ - Prophetic Literature, Poetry & Art
  • The Hilya Shareef and Its Anatomy
  • Profiles in History: Imam al-Tirmidhi, Imam Busiri & Imam Jazuli

Section 2: Learning Opportunities

  1. The Dhakir - Salawat Ibrahimiyyah
  2. The Avid Reader's Basket - Prophetic Booklist
  3. The Poetry Aesthete - The Burdah, Chapter 4
  4. The Storyteller - Events of the Prophet's ﷺ Birth & a Play
  5. The Aspiring Artist - The Hilya Shareef & The Muhammadan Rose
  6. The Artisan Crafter - The Lineage of the Prophet & Sandala Art
  7. The Junior Chef - Eat Like the Prophet ﷺ
  8. The Skillful Writer - Copywork, Dictation, and Narrations


Please remember that these files are for personal or classroom use only and should not be resold. Print as many times as you need. We encourage you to share the product link with family, friends, and colleagues, so that they too may have access to all of our resources.

All illustrations and images are our own, licensed for use, or in the public domain unless otherwise noted. If you have any questions regarding the terms of use or find errors in our content, please email us at Jazakum'Allahu Khairan for choosing our guided lessons and keep travelling!

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